Living in Norway

Norway is one of the best countries in the world to live in. Norwegian inhabitants are one of the happiest in the world and it is chosen by expats as one of the best countries to work in. If you have made the choice to move to Norway – you definitely made the right choice. It is a beautiful country with a large international community. Norway has great (but relatively small) cities, and what is not to love about Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger or Trondheim? Living in Norway is great and it does not matter to which city or village you move to – you can feel right at home. Relocating to Norway is a big step and there are a lot of different decisions you will need to make before you can settle here. We have created an expat website to make your relocation to Norway a bit easier. This guide will explain everything you will need to know before moving to Norway.


One of the first things you should know when moving to Norway is that is quite a bureaucratic country. It is therefore really important that you are well-informed about the regulations before moving here. Immigration requirements, of course, depend on a lot of things- citizenship and reason for migration just to name a few. Norway is not a member of the EU – but is a member of the EFTA treaty and therefore a member of the European Economic Area. This is great news and if you are a European you can easily relocate to Norway. You will be able to live in Norway up to 6 months to find a job. Of course, you will need to show that you can support yourself in those 6 months.

Speaking Norwegian

Speaking Norwegian can be difficult as a foreigner. Luckily, the people in Norway speak relatively good English and you can manage without it. However, if you want to get into a deep conversation or settle in Norway for long-term it would be advisable to learn Norwegian. If you want to apply for a permanent residence or citizenship you’ll need documented proof of language ability to claim those statuses.


Before you think about moving to Norway you need to think about your housing situation. It can be difficult to find a good apartment in a hip neighborhood in the bigger cities. We would, therefore, advise you not to wait too long. You should also be aware that central areas in big cities can be quite expensive. If you already have contacts in Norway it would be smart to address them beforehand so they can help you out with finding an apartment in time.

Get connected: Internet

Most expats will need internet at home right from the start. You want to connect with your family and you might need it for your business. It is, therefore, a smart move to get a good internet connection once you have found your apartment. Lucky, almost all internet providers in Norway are good and offer excellent customer service. It is important that you know how much internet speed you would need since internet providers offer a lot of different packages. Take a look on our internet provider page if you are not sure about how much internet speed you would need.

Get connected: Mobile operators

Norway has a great network coverage (even in remote areas). There are multiple mobile operators on the market and they all offer different packages. You can choose between a mobile contract and a prepaid SIM card. If you are staying for a longer term it would be smart to take out a mobile contract since you will have to pay less. Also be aware that you will have your passport/ID at hand when taking out a prepaid SIM card or mobile contract – you are obliged to fill in your personal data.

Living and working in Norway

Norway has become a green and environmentally conscious country. A lot of money has been spent on cleaning up the environment and renewable energy sources. Norway has become a leading country in renewable energy technology with a highly efficient waste management. So far climate change does not have had a big impact on Norway and it can still be very cold at times. Norway is a country that is safe, open an clean. The Norwegian are among the happiest people worldwide and Janteloven plays a big role in their daily life. Janteloven is the way that all Norwegians behave – putting the society ahead of the individual, don’t boast about accomplishments and be nice to your fellow man. This makes the Norwegians pleasant people hang around with. The expats already living in Norway seem to agree since they voted Norway one of the best places to work and live in. Norway has a lot to offer to expats. So, why wait any longer and come to join us in this beautiful country!