Internet providers in Norway

It is sometimes difficult to find the right internet provider when you just moved to another country. Luckily, the internet connection in Norway is good and you can get connected for a fair price. There are a lot of different internet service providers online in Norway and it can be difficult to choose the one that fits your needs. Comparing the different offers can take up a lot of your time. With our tips and tricks, we will ensure that you sign-up for an internet contract that fits your needs and wishes.

Internet users

Not everybody uses the internet in the same way. You have people that just use the internet to read their email and you have people that use the internet to play games or to watch movies. Since there is this big difference in the way people use the internet we introduced 3 categories:

1. The lightweight internet user: you mainly surf the web, read your email and use Facebook or Instagram. If that is the case you should 20 Mbit/s of download speed would be enough.
2. The middleweight internet user: if you use the internet for Netflix, Youtube, and other streaming services on a regular basis you should acquire an internet connection of 60 Mbit/s package.
3. The heavyweight internet user: if you play online games, stream movies and download a lot – it would be advisable to acquire a 100- 500 Mbit/s connection – depending on availability in your area.

It is possible that internet speed in Norway is not the same in the whole country. Normally the internet speed is faster in the larger cities than in the rural areas.

When you have found yourself in one of the above-mentioned categories it is time to decide which internet service provider you want to use. When you acquire a contract a technician will come to your house to install everything that you might need to surf the web. Note that it can take up to 2/3 weeks before the technician will come to your house – depending on when you have signed the contract.